about me

name: tilden
age: 23
pronouns: he/they (or he/him idk)
birthday: 9∙5∙99
zodiac: virgo ☼ ∙ cancer ☾ ∙ scorpio ↑
other info: neurodivergent etc

my interests!

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• i don't always post art, i'm usually pretty unmotivated unfortunately :(


• you harass people for their (fictional) ships/interests. dark topics in fiction for an example. i don't condone stuff like that in real life but art is art.
• you ship real people (like kpop ppl, youtubers, etc. yknow.)
• basic dni stuff yknow. pedos, homophobes, racists gtfo.

general interests

ocs, music, horror, crystals, flower language, fashion, tea, drawing, reading, cooking, making music and covers


(will be updated as i watch more shows etc!)
all saints street, berserk, soul eater, promare, houseki no kuni, baccano, bungou stray dogs, hunter x hunter, rozen maiden, kuuchuu buranko, devil's candy


genshin impact, pokemon, ensemble stars, yume nikki, umineko, deep-sea prisoner's works, cookie run, the sims

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